Killerguides DC Universe Strategy & Leveling Guide

Killerguides is a veteran publisher of MMORPG guides, as seen by their website they have guides for nearly 30 popular game titles. That’s actually well over 100 guides published, and their most recently addition is a guide for our favorite game, DC Universe.

Killerguides DC Universe guide has a lot of useful content. Mind you, this is not the kind of guides and info you can find on almost every DCU wiki or fansite: these are top, proven strategies which you can’t find anywhere else. Many players are therefore looking for a quality strategy guide when it comes to DCU, and Killerguides definitely doesn’t disappoint.

First and foremost, this guide contains a detailed DCU leveling guide which helps take you to the level cap faster than you’d think is possible. By following the highly optimized leveling path outlined in the guide you will be leveling up the most efficient way possible. Additionally, there are many detailed quest information, which will help you gain an advantage over other players who frequently don’t know where and how to complete particular quests. It’s definitely a good thing to have, and Killerguides delivers.

Killerguides strategy guide is more than a leveling guide though. It has a lot of other info, for example a powers and abilities guide. Many players just start creating a character, make it look as cool as possible, which is perfectly fine. but the problem is, several levels down the road many feel the abilities are not what they thought they’d be and decide to either give up or make another character, because the gameplay just doesn’t suit them. With this guide on the other hand, you will have detailed insight into all powers, which will enable you to choose exactly the kind of character you want to play.

The guide also has really useful solo and group tactics, which will help you with the combat in the game. Additionally, a skill points guide will help you make the right choices without wasting any of them. It’s just some of the contents that you can find in this guide, and you can visit their website if you want to read a full summary of contents.

Killerguides DC Strategy Guide is currently one of the three guides available for DC Universe Online, and it’s my top recommendation and overall a very useful resource to have. You should absolutely check it out.

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DC Universe Secrets Leveling Guide

DC Universe Secrets is the last guide I’ve came across for this exciting MMORPG game, and I must admit I was a little bit disappointed. Overall, it’s definitely not a bad guide, but after reading Razer guide and seeing that what a really quality DC Universe guide contains, I feel DCU Secrets is a little bit lacking in content.

As far as the leveling guide in DC Universe Secrets Guide goes, it’s pretty good but not as detailed as the one in Razer.  There’s no real maps or tips for when you get stuck, so overall I don’t think it’ll be as helpful as the other leveling guides.

Other than the leveling guide, DC Universe Secrets contains several other chapters: weapons and items, PvP, boss strategies, solo play tactics and several other guides. But when I compare it with Razer guide, it’s just not as detailed or useful.

In conclusion, I do think DC Universe Secrets guide has a lot of potential, but at the moment it need some additional work and content to be in the line with other guides. If you still want to check it out though, you can find the link below.

Download DC Universe Online Secrets Guide

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Razer DC Universe Leveling Guide

Razer guide is no longer available, I recommend you take a look at my Killerguide review and find out why it’s even better!

Another DCU leveling guide I recently stumbled upon is Razer guide. It took me about a week to write this review as I’ve wanted it to be as thorough and detailed as possible, and I wanted to be sure this is the guide I can recommend to you guys. After careful consideration, and a comparison with other DC Universe leveling guides, I decided this is the best guide I can recommend to everyone.

Out of the three guides I’ve read for DCU so far, Razer guide has in my opinion been the most helpful. It has detailed tips, strategies, tactics and advice on a variety of aspects of the game. Even though it has a lot of tips aimed at beginners in this guide (such as an overview of character creation options), the other content is really filled with great tips you will definitely want to read.

The most important section in Razer DC Universe Mastery Guide is the leveling guide, as far as I’m concerned. It’s very well done, with detailed descriptions of quests and missions, along with screenshots and maps which will make sure you always know where you’re supposed to go and how to complete them.

In addition to a detailed leveling guide, Razer has a lot of other guides: powers guide, iconic skills guide, endgame content, movement, PvP, weapons and more. It’s by far the most content I’ve read in any strategy guide for DC Universe Online and much of it is very useful even if you’re been playing the game for awhile.

Razer DCU leveling guide is currently my top recommendation and I give it a 10/10 for sure. If you’re serious about this game you should definitely consider getting this guide to help you through it.

Download Razer DC Universe Mastery Guide

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DCU Cinematic Trailer

This incredible DC Universe cinematic trailer was released at ComicCon 2010. Enjoy!

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DCU Guides – Do You Need Them?

One of the most frequently asked questions of new DCU players is whether or not you need a guide to tell you how to play the game. The answer is unfortunately not as simple, but I’ll try to provide some clues so you can decide for yourself whether you need any leveling or strategy guides or not.

Possibly the biggest setback for new players is the selection of your characters options in the game. It’s unfortunately not always clear whether you’ll end up liking your selected character abilities when creating the character, because later on if you change your mind it will be too late. Having a quality guide to describe all pros and cons of abilities and powers is in my opinion really useful to have.

Additionally, having a really good step-by-step leveling guide is useful as it can often be confusing as to where you have to go to finish a particular quest. These guides frequently come with detailed descriptions, maps and screenshots so you will never get lots without knowing what to do. The best part is, if you follow the optimized leveling paths outlined in the leveling guide you will level up much faster than most other players are.

These guides not only give you details about quests and character abilities and powers, but also have a lot of additional guides, for example combat strategies, skill point recommendations, and more. In conclusion, DCU guides will help you understand the game a lot better and they will make you a better player faster.

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